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Thursday 4 July 2024

Science Week at Municipal High Humanist School kasese

 Science Week Events

Municipal High School Kasese is holding a Science week Event where Science subjects are being taught,  various experiments done in different Science subjects  and majorly practical.

The students did some chemistry practical experiments, mixing chemicals to ascertain on the chemical reactions, pipetting skills, proper usage of burette and recording time lags using a stop clock ⏰️. 

Thanks to the Science teachers for this noble activity. Our enthusiastic staff volunteers are too actively involved in this. 

The exercise is sponsored by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT at Municipal High school Kasese in conjunction with the school management. 

We send deeper thanks of appreciation to Uganda Humanist Schools Trust UK 🇬🇧  and the Scientific Temper charity Germany 🇩🇪  for supporting in equipping our lab with apparatuses and up-to-date reagents. 

With science, we can progress

Attached are some snap shots of the one week science event. 

Sunday 30 June 2024

Women rights are human rights

WOMEN RIGHTS include the right to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn a fair and equal wage. women are entitled to all of these rights

Educate a girl child with us and give meaningful hope to these happy humans.

At Kasese Humanist School we support GIRL CHILD EDUCATION by giving chance to girls to educate with us. Those having financial challenges are encouraged to study as we seek potential helpers or child sponsors to help with their education. 

To Sponsor a Girl child at any of our schools,  read this article,  make a choice and connect with us. Thanks 😊.

Others are given skills in gardening,  craft making, auto mechanics,  tailoring and computing 🖥. 

With science, we can progress 

Attached are some images:

The right to education 

The right to better sanitation 

The right to education and empowerment 

Education for all genders to foster EQUALITY 

The right to better shelters and owning of property and right to inheritance. 

The right to better hygiene 

Making girls learn a skill 

Women rights are Human rights 

Sunday 23 June 2024

Teachers are role models

 Running 🏃‍♂️ a school isn't a one person's show, it's all about team work.

Teacher's team work tirelessly at the schools to ensure learners get the best they deserve. 

Some teachers converge for a photo after a Teachers workshop courtesy of UHST 

The school has done tremendous work in keeping children in school, its pioneers pupils have had their lives transformed and our staffs continue to exercise their careers by imparting knowledge to learners.

With science, we can progress

Teacher Hassan at Municipal High Humanist School 

Teacher Henrie at Kasese Humanist School Rukoki 

Sumaya, Teaching at Bizoha school Muhokya 

Teaching staffs at the Bizoha school Muhokya 

Donate to us via B Sundry Charities

 B Sundry Charities is based in the United States. You can donate to us using the links below.

You can make a one time donation or set up recurring donations. Thanks so much for supporting 



Saturday 22 June 2024

Educate a child and give them hope

 School life is a transition. 

It prepares children to attain knowledge. 

Together we can eradicate ignorance and illiteracy from our communities. Every child once given education can make it in life.

Kasese humanist school brings hope to children  as education is one of the weapons we can use to change the world 🌎. 

Give some some to some of our less fortunate needy or orphaned children.  To Sponsor a child at any of our schools,  send us a note via our website or email at

With science, we can progress

Friday 14 June 2024

Garden egg harvests in high gear

Some harvests from our edible forest gardens at our Rukoki campus. 

The garden eggs are added to the beans to spice it up sothat the children have a nutritious sauce. 

Food security project initiatives ensures a constant food presence at our establishments. 

Thanks Nonprofit Industrial Complex for aiding our causes.

Our fundraising page on their website is here, you can extend a donation to us,it will be put to good use:

At Kasese Humanist School,  we also participate  in growing other vegetables,  food crops like cassava, matoke,  Maize, simsim, yams, sweet potatoes 🥔 ,fruit trees and some others.

We remain thankful for the support other people aid us in boosting our works in our efforts of ensuring our people easily access the basics of life and improving their livelihoods. 

With science, we can progress

Thursday 13 June 2024

Water storage tank water proofed

One rainwater collecting tank I have been working upon has finally been water proofed and sealed. My plumber awaits to fit a water tap at the tank base soon.

I will create a cover on top of the water storage tank as well. 

Rain water is collected and used for:

Cleaning toilets

Mopping Classrooms 

Bathing  🛁 

Cleaning utensils, cups 🥤, plates 🍽 

Irrigating gardens to keep our crops healthy. 

Showering 🚿 our trees 🌳 with water.

With science, we can progress

Attached are some pictures of the rain water tank 

Sunday 2 June 2024

More lab supplies from UHST UK

I have today delivered a consignment of laboratory supplies to benefit Municipal High Humanist School students. 

The donation is from Uganda Humanist Schools Trust and on behalf of the school project, we are so thankful, we shall put the items to good use.

The items have been added to our lab bank.

This is truly more GOOD NEWS to our science department  and we are grateful for the donation. 

With science, we can progress