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Tuesday, 9 May 2023

Three weeks of break !


Term 1 ended successful at the schools. 

Rukoki & Bizoha school officially closed yesterday.

School reopening date for second term is on 28th of this month.

I salute the children,parents and the staffs of the school for the collective effort plus ofcourse generous friends and worthwhile organizations that stand with us.

To Sponsor a child, extend a helping hand or donate anything to our students, staff or project.  Here is the donation link:

With science, we can progress

Friday, 28 April 2023

Uganda Humanist schools UK donates textbooks to Kasese Humanist School

Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, a UK based charity helping out humanist schools in Uganda donated funds that so purchase of text books benefitting Kasese Humanist school Rukoki, Kahendero and Muhokya campuses.  a consignment of textbooks to the Rukoki campus.

Donated books

In the year 2000, some books that were donated to Kasese Humanist School in the year 2000 when there was covid pandemic were not picked from Aristoc Bookstore in Kampala because of travel restrictions and early this year, we picked them and dedicated them to our secondary section.

Donated books pictures

A big thanks to UHST and its supporters for this great donation. I am sharing pictures of our pupils displaying some of the received books.

Pupils at our rukoki school campus pose with some donated books

With science we can progress

Saturday, 8 April 2023

Making good use of the library boosts academics

 Giving students access to library resources enhances learning and encourages both teachers and students to do research on different topics under their jurisdiction.

In the coming week I will be delivering textbooks to our schools donated by Uganda Humanist Schools Trust UK.

Municipal High humanist school library

In the pictures are images of our secondary school section at the Rukoki campus.


A student at Municipal high Humanist School 

You can also support our works by donating through Atheist Alliance International via the link below;

With science, we can progress

Bamboo grasses growing at our establishments adds true natural beauty

 Some thriving bamboo clusters. I am looking forward to having the third canopy for bamboo grasses on the outskirts of the Nyamwamba River Bank.

In months or years ahead I would wish the bamboo umbrellas to serve as outdoor study spaces for students at Kasese Humanist School and Municipal High Humanist School respectively.

Pictured at the rukoki campus near our latest bamboo plant steadily coming up

Bamboo plant steadily growing up

With science, we can progress

Acts of kindness makes humanism lively

 Acts of kindness, mutual responsibility, improving living conditions and ensuring these kids get education is our primary concerns.

Extending a helping hand boosts our works in reaching out to more people and good service delivery.
Bizoha/kasese humanist orphans deserve better!

Some of the children at Kahendero Humanist school

Donate to us via Atheist Alliance International Paypal:

Donate to us via our school paypal donation link:

Saturday, 26 November 2022

General School Report from our school project



Kasese Humanist school is happy to inform the general public that it has ended third term successfully and this marks the end of the 2022 Calendar year.

Third term has not been an easy term and of course it has been having its own challenges, has been a busy term where our candidates of Primary Seven and Senior Four have been doing their final examinations organised by Uganda National Examinations Board. It has been a promotional term where students get promoted to the next class and i am happy all our children tried their best to excel and we look forward for better results in the nationwide papers for the candidate classes.

I prepared a brief GENERAL SCHOOL REPORT highlighting some of the events that happened throughout the year. The document can be accessed and downloaded here:


I encourage all our fans, friends of Kasese Humanist School to read out this document and perhaps share it to the wider audience. I felt it important to highlight what transpired this year as we close.

School reopening is in Early Feb 2023.

We remain focused and committed to advancing secular values, ideas, critical thoughts, reason, free inquiry and continue to fight against poverty, disease, irrational superstitious practices deep rooted in our communities.


Some images of Kasese Humanist School children

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Running a school requires a combined effort. Thanks to all standing with us

 Over the years, I have labored in creating learning spaces.

School needs are a must and we continue to thank those who support and value our efforts.
A coat of paint, a bag of cement, school furniture, tuition, staff salaries, school supplies,water tank, roofing sheet, shutters plus other school needs constantly needs our attention and action.
I am sharing some improved classroom at our Rukoki campus plus other snapshot of our works.
To support us, pick an item and extend a helping hand to our initiatives.

Rukoki campus

Muhokya campus & Kahendero campus

With science, we can progress

Saturday, 12 November 2022

Needy day scholars in Primary at Rukoki school seeking sponsors


A section of NEEDY DAY SCHOLARS at the Rukoki School
























Kasese Humanist school has been there for less fortunate and disadvantaged children from impoverished or struggling families to study as the school management looks around for possible sponsors, foster parents or well wishers to extend a helping hand. 

  •  You can sponsor a Day Scholar by donating any amount in support of such children. 
  •  You can sponsor a Specific child for a term or a year or several years. You can also support these children by purchasing for them school supplies like pens, pencils, exercise books or personal hygiene items.
  • Day Scholars live with their parents or guardians and normally attend schooling during weekdays. Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and return to their homes each evening.

Monday, 7 November 2022

Usage of better scientific farming practices enhances better yields

 Crop diversification keep food availability to humanity all year round. Farmers should adopt a culture of planting a variety for it's the spice of life.

Intercropping applied

In our gardens we always plant different types of crops for we have this in mind. Mixed farming, inter cropping, extensive farming and using better agricultural practices generates big output as in harvests.

Corn plantations at the Bizoha school and Bizoha farmland

Vegetable growing at the Rukoki campus

Cabbage harvests at the Rukoki school

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Fresh cabbages for everyone

 Yesterday some of our children got some cabbages to take home as a gesture of fraternity and togetherness.

Gardening is an activity that we engage in at our establishments.

Harvesting cabbages at Kasese Humanist School

We always remind our people to practice gardening wherever they might be for it rewards and keep humanity thriving.

Cabbages dished out to students

To support our gardening initiatives!

With science, we can progress

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Kasese Humanist Orphans Food Forest Project



We have deeper reasons to smile again.

 Over the weekend,I landed on this worthwhile charity helping out raise support for community and school gardens and I submitted in our application. It was approved lately!.

KASESE HUMANIST SCHOOL LIMITED, our school nonprofit will on 15th November accept donations through the SEED MONEY ORGANIZATION. This post keep my fans,sympathizers, well-wishers in the know.

With Science, we can progress

Sunday, 7 August 2022

The Bizoha Backpackers Hostel gets rented out

 Bizoha Backpackers Hostel has been rented out to tenant who is going to be operating a medical center in the entire building.

The renter is taking up the front and backside building for a period of several months. There has been several modifications made to ensure the facility conforms to the standards of medical spaces.

I welcome CANOPUS MEDICAL CENTRE to our property and look forward to the success of their business venture as we too continue to benefit from their services.

Painting works on the property

Attached are some of the images of the ongoing house painting and remodification works.

Painting works


Monday, 4 July 2022

A field work study tour to Lake Katwe Salt mines/fish landing site

 On Friday 1st July 2022, Municipal High Humanist School, a secondary section of our school project at the Rukoki campus had a successful FIELDWORK STUDY TOUR to the Lake Katwe salt mines and Lake Katwe fish landing site.

Students looking at the Nyamunuka Crater

The S.4 students were accompanied by the School HeadTeacher, Their Geography teacher and the School Director. A total of 12 students who are candidates awaiting to do their final Uganda Certificate in Education in October/November this year.

Drill lessons on Fishing

On their journey to the field work site, the students along the way took a glimpse at Queen Elizabeth National park, spotted a number of wildlife animals, birds and the savannah vegetation.

Displaying one of the fish types from the lake

The Students took a look at the crater lakes of Kikorongo, Nyamunuka and several others. They saw for themselves the lake katwe salt mines, scores of salt pans, learnt on salt formation, extraction, transportation,usage and their importance to the community and Uganda as a whole.

Drills in progress

On the fishing part, the Tour guide gave a lecture and practical presentation on the types of fish in Lake Edward ranging from the smallest fish to the biggest. The students learnt about the fishing methods and government policies aimed at conserving this great water resource.

Pictured at Lake Katwe fish landing site

As we were ending the day, we also visited the Kazinga Channel to take a glimpse of this geographical feature which connects Lake George and Lake Edward. A bridge was erected across this water channel to allow movement of people, cargo, vehicles from one point to another.

                                               Pictured at Kazinga Channel near the bridge

Lake Katwe salt mines

To Support our works, you can contribute anything to extend a helping hand to our school project via Atheist Alliance International on the link below:



With Science, we can progress